Just One Look


How much faith does it take to be saved? Just one look. I can hear you saying, “What do you mean, Dave, just one look to be saved?” Well, let me tell you a story…

It is found in Numbers 21: 4-9. The Israelites had rebelled against God on their way to the promised land and God had sent venomous snakes to chastise them. The fiery serpents invaded their camp. People were dying by the thousands. A man would go into his tent and be bitten in the doorway. A woman would go to her food supplies to prepare a meal and be bitten by a snake hiding among the food supplies. A man would go out to relieve himself and be bitten. These devilish creatures were everywhere. The people called on Moses to ask the Lord to stop the plague. God told Moses to make a brass serpent and hang it on a pole in the middle of the camp. Anyone who was bitten had only to look at the serpent on the pole to be instantly healed. All it took was just one look to be saved from certain agonizing death as the fiery venom coursed through the bitten person’s veins.

Theologians use a term called “types”. A type is a person or event in the Old Testament which foreshadows its fulfillment in the New Testament. The brass serpent on the pole was a type. It symbolized Christ who would come and bear the sins of mankind by his death on the cross. Brass is a symbol in the Bible for divine judgment. The story in Numbers of the plague of snakes and the serpent on the pole was an actual event, but it was also a foreshadow of the future event of Christ’s death on the cross where He bore the divine judgment for our sins. You might call it an object lesson for us today.

How much faith did it take those Israelites to look at the brass serpent? Just enough to look. A man bitten in his tent would only have to look at the brass serpent on the pole in the middle of the camp to be healed instantly.

In the same way, all it takes to be saved eternally is for a person to look at Christ’s death on the cross and trust in that to wash away his or her sins.

Just one look in trust. That’s all it takes.

“Look unto Me, and be saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other” (Isaiah 45:22).

This is the verse was preached on the day C. H. Spurgeon placed his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior.

“I stepped within the house of God, and sat there, afraid to look upward, lest I should be utterly cut off, and lest His fierce wrath should consume me.” The minister read the verse of Scripture and Spurgeon says, “I looked that moment; the grace of faith was vouchsafed to me in the self-same instant . . .” He looked upon the wounds of Christ and could say, “Redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be until I die.” From that moment on for the rest of his life Spurgeon preached God’s saving grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ.