Approaching Other Drivers With The Gospel


Someone asked my a while back how to approach other drivers with the Gospel. Of course, you will want some type of presentation prepared for presenting the plan of salvation. However, the individual approach will be different depending on a lot of factors. Here are some pointers.

I usually work it into a conversation we are having. You can usually pick up on how receptive a driver might be to the Gospel after talking with them a while. Some are obviously hard, bitter, or have something else against "religion". Some times the conversation will work its way around to the current world situation and that is where I inject something about what the Bible prophesies about the end times. I'll drop a casual remark about how the Bible says things will get worse as time goes on. It's sort of like dropping a fishline in the water to see if they will bite. If you are sitting in a restaurant reading a religious book, sometimes someone will ask what you are reading and that will open a door. I used to have an Uncle who used this technique. He would sit in a seat on a plane when traveling and pull out a gospel tract and start "reading" it. Sooner or later the guy next to him would lean over and ask what he was reading. That would give him the opportunity to offer the tract to the person. An approach like this is better than hitting them over the head with a question right off the bat like, "Are you a Christian?". Although that approach is good too at times. It just depends on being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Shock Approach

I remember I used the shock approach once. I was in a convenience store across from an terminal one time when another driver got something at the deli and came over to share my booth. He said, "Well, what do you know that's good, beside beer and____? (vulgar remark about women).

I looked up at him and said, "The Gospel." He froze for a moment and said, "What?" I said, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's good news." He grinned and said, "You're right. It is good news isn't it?" As we talked, it turned out that he was a Christian too, just a little backsliden like we all get at times.

So there are a lot of ways to "throw out the bait" to see if they will bite. The main thing is to be prepared to give a simple presentation of how to be saved and to be able to give your testimony. Then God will give you opportunities to witness. There are some articles on Christian Truckers Network you can read to give you some help in getting started. You don't have to be a theologian to present the plan of salvation, just memorize a few scriptures and explain to them that Christ died to pay for their sins and it is simply depending on Him to save them.

Another thing is to pick what I call the low lying fruit that is ready. This would be drivers and others who are ready for the Gospel. Maybe they are having certain problems in their lives and need hope. Maybe their future seems uncertain to them and they are afraid of it. These are people who are ready for the answer which comes through knowing Christ. Becoming a Christian won't automatically solved their problems in this life, but it will give them the resources of wisdom to deal with them. Just remember that it is the Holy Spirit's job to convict and convince. We are simply the mouthpiece He uses. Study, prayer, and practice will help you witness to others.

Develop the Habit of Witnessing

Carry some tracts in your pocket. When you're in a truck stop and happen to see a driver by himself (like with his laptop at a table or something) just offer a tract. Another way I do it is by using a website. When talking to someone, I'll mention Christian Truckers Network and give them a tract and point out the web address I stamped on the back page. It's one way to get the tract into their hands.

It's a lot like fishing. Just put out the bait and see it they will take it. If so, give them more. If not, just move on to the next person you come across.

Remember, when you start witnessing to people, you are invading Satan's territory and he and his demons will try to discourage you through people's rejections and other means. Just read that as a sign you're making progress. We are in a spiritual war for the souls of men and women. I have a cousin who also used to be a police officer in Washington D.C. He was able to win hundreds to Christ in his job. After he would make an arrest of someone like a drug pusher, he would ask them, "Aren't you tired of this kind of life?" When they said yes, he would then present the Gospel to them and many were saved over a period of time. He is a pastor and evangelist now.

Witnessing to truckers and other people can be scary at first. But remember, the more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel. It's just a matter of practice. Start out the easy way, distributing tracts and Bible to other drivers. Doing this will not only get you used to doing something to spread the Word, but also open up opportunities to converse and present the plan of salvation.