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Christian Truckers Network was one of the first websites online which was dedicated to the Christian truck driver. Back in June of 2007 there were only about three other websites related to Christian truckers and these were listings of trucker chapels around the country. Being an owner operator back then, I knew the need for having a connection with my Christian brothers and sisters on the road. In June 2007, truckers were starting to use laptops, truck stops were starting to install wireless, and the first smartphone, the Apple iPhone came out. It was the beginning of an era for over-the-road truck drivers. There was a hiatus about 2014 right after I came off the road and became involved in other activities.CTN went offline for a while.  I'm glad to say that the Christian Truckers Network is now back online. We are starting with some of the old articles which were on the original website, but will be adding some more information and resources for those who are new to the site. 

The purpose of CTN has always been to help you, as a Christian trucker during your career on the road and to provide the information and resources to help you in your work and and encourage you in your daily Christian living. If there is any type of information, resource, or topic you would like to see posted, please feel free to drop me an email.

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