One of the ways to reach truckers with the Gospel is to start a website or blog on some aspect of trucking or of interest to truckers. For evangelistic purposes, the site needs to be on a topic related to trucking or of interest to truckers, but from a secular standpoint. What I mean is this. It needs to be a “non religious” website or blog. It could be a website about some trucking related topic such as truck accessories, truck chrome, or trucking news. It could also be about something entirely apart from trucking such as a hobby. Somewhere on the site you will want to have some type of presentation of the gospel or your testimony. However, the main topic will be about something else. The reason is that you are trying to attract unsaved truckers to your website. If you advertise it as a Christian related site, you will probably get Christian truckers to visit it, but many non-Christian truckers will click off as soon as they see it is a “religious” website. The purpose is to build a bridge to the trucker. It is like developing a friendship offline with someone hoping that sooner or later you will be able to present the Gospel to them. There is nothing deceptive about this approach if you give them the information they are seeking. Here is how you can do it.

Start with a topic which interests you and other truckers. This could be a hobby such as hunting, fishing, motorcycles, or other areas of interest. It could also be your views on trucking related news and events.

Write some articles about the topic. Then build a website or blog and upload those articles to the site.

Somewhere on the blog or website, perhaps on the “About Me” page, give your testimony or the plan of salvation. Depending on the type of website it is, you may even be able to incorporate some of this into the articles themselves. For instance, if you are writing about problems related to being a truck driver, you can give your views from a Christian standpoint. A little brainstorming will help you come up with ways to do this.

Print up some small flyers or business card size advertisements and leave them in the trucker lounges at truck stops and also pass them out to drivers you come in contact with on the road.

If you develop a website or blog with good, useful information, over a period of time you will develop return visitors. By having the plan of salvation or your personal testimony available on the site, many will read it and some may see their need of salvation. God promised that His Word would not return to Him void, but would accomplish what He intended.