I get a laugh out of athiests who say they don't believe in anything which can't be proven scientifically and therefore do not believe in God. It's not only quite a contradiction they are making, it is completely false. They have to be self-deceived. While it is true that a theist (one who believes in a God) cannot scientifically prove God's existence, neither can an atheist disprove that God exists. So, an atheist has to hold his or her belief on the basis of faith as well. In fact, it takes more "blind" faith to be an atheist than a theist. The reason is that there is evidence for the existence of God. Just look around you at creation, An atheist has to hold their view in spite of this evidence. Of course, an atheist will try to explain creation by using evolution. What they won't admit however, is that evolution is only a theory which has more holes in it than a flour sieve.