Learning how to live the Christian life on the road.

Christian Truckers Network is a website dedicated to helping you as a Christian trucker to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those you come in contact with each day.  Here you will find resources we hope will help you in your Christian walk and witness.  We will be adding to the site on a regular basis, so please return when you get a chance.  To learn more about what this website is all about please read our Mission Statement . Thank you for visiting.

Dave Bowman

Christian Growth

Learn more about the resources to help you grow in your Christian life..

Spiritual Warfare

Learn how to successfully fight the spiritual battles you face each day.

Witnessing on the Road

Learn how to share your faith with other truckers.


Get Involved

  • Distribute Bibles
  • Distribute Tracts

Want to get involved in some type of ministry on the road, but don't know exactly how to go about it? There is plenty of need for Bible distributors to pass out Bibles to the chapels at the truckstops. You can purchase Bibles through ministries such as HMI Ministries . Buy a case of paperback Bibles for around $65 plus shipping and handling and just ask them for a distributor's list when you order. The list will tell you all the stops throughout the country where you can distribute them. There are a lot of people on the road who have been saved through these Bibles and it is well worth the effort. Sixty five bucks, yeah, that's less than the cost of a motel room for one night these days.

There is also a need for truckers to distribute Gospel tracts to truckers and chapels on the road. You can order them at Fellowship Tract League . The tracts are free, but I would suggest sending them a donation to help support their work. The last time I checked, it costs them about $7.50 to print 1000 tracts and at least $3.75 for shipping and handling. You might also want to send a few extra dollars to help them cover the cost of printing for missionaries and others.